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NDSU innovation - AgTech and autonomous trucks

NDSU innovation - AgTech and autonomous trucks

By Scout Nelson

North Dakota State University (NDSU) is accelerating technological advancements in critical areas for the state's economy. This initiative, funded by the new Technology Acceleration Program (TAP), leverages recent state legislative appropriations for research.

TAP focuses on developing prototypes with commercialization potential. These projects align with NDSU's strategic priorities and existing research investments and can benefit from public-private partnerships.

"We're grateful for the state's support of research and innovation," said NDSU's Vice President of Research, Colleen Fitzgerald. "TAP allows us to translate research into practical applications that drive economic growth."

Two projects received $175,000 each through TAP:

Wireless Communication Test Bed for AgTech: This project aims to establish a prototype system that provides strong wireless coverage for agricultural fields and livestock facilities.

Reliable and cost-effective connectivity is crucial for the Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture, allowing for data collection and informed decision-making.

This project, led by NDSU Ag Technology, will create a test bed for developing and testing sensor devices and applications with the potential for commercial use.

Accelerating Deployment of Autonomous Trucks in Rural Areas: This project, led by the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, will investigate how to speed up the adoption of autonomous trucks in North Dakota.

Autonomous trucks offer numerous benefits, including improved safety, addressing driver shortages, and increased efficiency.

The project will explore infrastructure needs, creation of automated trucking hubs, and integration into supply chains. It will also consider economic opportunities, workforce challenges, and cybersecurity.

These projects contribute to NDSU's commitment to innovation and align with the goals of the Economic Diversification Research Funds (EDRF). The EDRF program aims to stimulate economic activity, promote job creation, and provide experiential learning for students.

By supporting research in AgTech and autonomous trucking, NDSU is helping to position North Dakota at the forefront of technological advancements that benefit its key industries.

Photo Credit: north-dakota-state-university

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