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Federal Funding Boosts Flood Protection and Wastewater Projects in North Dakota
North Dakota Ag Connection - 09/15/2023

Senator John Hoeven recently revealed the allocation of more than $73 million in federal funding to bolster flood protection in the Bismarck area and support wastewater projects in Lincoln and Fessenden.

These initiatives, spearheaded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under the Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Program, aim to enhance the resilience of North Dakota's communities.

The funded projects include:

• South Bismarck Flood Control Project: This project receives $50 million in federal funding to strengthen flood protection in South Bismarck. Once completed, it will remove properties from the 100-year regulatory floodplain, alleviating homeowners from mandatory flood insurance requirements.

• Lower Heart River Flood Risk Reduction Project: FEMA has allocated $13.8 million in federal funding to enhance the Heart River Levee System in Mandan. This levee plays a critical role in safeguarding the community's 24,000 residents from flood risks.

Senator Hoeven expressed appreciation for FEMA's proactive approach in advancing federal funds for these significant flood mitigation projects in the Bismarck-Mandan region, emphasizing their vital role in protecting both people and property in the area.

As part of his efforts to support flood mitigation in the region, Senator Hoeven's office participated in a site visit alongside local and FEMA officials to assess the progress of these projects. This visit builds on his ongoing commitment to flood mitigation, which includes:

Hosting a flood coordination meeting earlier this year, bringing together city, county, and federal authorities in the Bismarck area to coordinate efforts.

Leading a delegation in urging FEMA to reconsider or delay the implementation of a new Flood Insurance Rate Map for Bismarck until the completion of flood mitigation projects.

Under FEMA's Building Resilient Infrastructure Communities (BRIC) program, North Dakota is set to receive federal funding of $7.8 million for wastewater system upgrades in the City of Lincoln and an additional $2 million for similar improvements in the City of Fessenden.

The initiatives aim to enhance North Dakota's communities' resilience to flood risks and ensure the sustainability of vital infrastructure.

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