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North Dakota Envirothon crowns 2024 winner

North Dakota Envirothon crowns 2024 winner

By Scout Nelson

Twenty-three teams from across North Dakota participated in the 2024 Envirothon, an annual competition focusing on environmental knowledge and field tests across four disciplines: aquatics, forestry, soils, and wildlife. The event provides high school students with a platform to deepen their understanding of conservation issues and natural resource management.

Andrea Peterson, the North Dakota Envirothon Coordinator, emphasized the program's objective of instilling conservation values and providing students with hands-on outdoor experiences. Peterson stated, "We aim to instill in students the value of conservation and natural resources, providing them with invaluable outdoor experiences."

After rigorous competition, Bismarck High School emerged as the winner of the 2024 North Dakota Envirothon. Minot High School secured second place, while West Fargo High School earned third place honors. The top-ranking teams demonstrated their expertise in environmental science and showcased their commitment to preserving North Dakota's natural resources.

Fred Aziz, chairperson for the North Dakota Envirothon, highlighted the program's lasting impact on participants, who continue to pursue higher education and return as mentors or volunteers, fostering a cycle of continuous learning and giving back in environmental science and conservation careers.

The Envirothon competition encourages students to apply knowledge, collaborate, and develop critical thinking skills by addressing real-world environmental challenges through field tests and oral presentations.

Dan Hovland, North Dakota NRCS state conservationist and Envirothon judge, praised the grassroots teams addressing conservation issues and the enlightening conversations they had with students. The Envirothon offers students a platform to learn about environmental stewardship.

The North Dakota Envirothon is an educational program that promotes environmental awareness among high school students in North Dakota, fostering curiosity and equipping them with the skills to address environmental challenges.

The 2024 North Dakota Envirothon showcased the dedication and passion of students towards environmental conservation, demonstrating their commitment to preserving North Dakota's natural heritage and promoting sustainable practices.

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