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NDSU launches new Ag research facilities

NDSU launches new Ag research facilities

By Scout Nelson

North Dakota State University (NDSU) recently celebrated significant milestones in agricultural research and education with ceremonies for two key facilities on campus. The events included a groundbreaking for the Bolley Agricultural Laboratory and a dedication for the newly constructed Peltier Complex.

"Facilities like the Peltier Complex and Bolley Agricultural Laboratory help us continue to innovate, educate, research, test, solve, and grow for the betterment of North Dakota, the region, and the world," said NDSU President David Cook. This highlights the university's vision as these facilities will play a crucial role in advancing agricultural studies and applications.

The Peltier Complex, named after the generous Peltier family, is designed as a state-of-the-art hub for food and agricultural sciences.

It consolidates NDSU's food science, meat science, cereal science, and bioprocess engineering programs, along with partners such as the Northern Crops Institute and the North Dakota Trade Office.

"By bringing these programs under one roof, we are creating a unique opportunity for new synergies and collaborative activities," said Greg Lardy, NDSU’s Vice President for Agriculture.

The Bolley Agricultural Laboratory will become NDSU’s latest agricultural research laboratory. Reflecting on its historical significance, Lardy noted, "Like Bolley, our scientists who will occupy this building will deliver research results that make a difference to those involved in agriculture in North Dakota."

The lab will focus on a range of agricultural sciences including plant pathology, plant breeding, and soil health, replacing outdated facilities and providing advanced resources for innovative research.

Funding for these projects includes significant state and philanthropic contributions, highlighting the community and legislative support for agricultural advancement in North Dakota.

The North Dakota Legislature appropriated $87 million for the construction of the Bolley Lab, with additional philanthropic backing demonstrating widespread support for NDSU's mission.

These new facilities represent the future of agricultural research at NDSU and signify the ongoing commitment to supporting the state’s largest economic sector through advanced education and innovation. Construction of the Bolley Lab is expected to begin later this summer, marking a new chapter for agricultural research in North Dakota.

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