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$50M boost for Bismarck water plant

$50M boost for Bismarck water plant

By Scout Nelson

The State Water Commission (SWC), under the leadership of Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller, endorsed $72.6 million in funding for 15 diverse water projects during its routine meeting. A standout among the approved projects is the $50 million expansion of the Bismarck water treatment plant.

This funding aligns with appropriations set forth in Senate Bill 2020, which outlines the Department of Water Resources’ (DWR) budget.

Lt. Gov. Miller highlighted the state's commitment to enhancing critical water infrastructure through collaborative efforts involving the SWC, DWR, the state Legislature, and the economic boost from oil tax revenues. These initiatives aim to bolster community safety, resilience, and economic growth.

The Bismarck Water Treatment Plant expansion will increase its capacity by 10 million gallons per day, bringing the total to 40 million gallons. Scheduled to start at the end of 2025, the project will modernize the facility with new ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems, along with other critical upgrades.

DWR Director Andrea Travnicek reaffirmed the commission's dedication to ensuring North Dakotans have access to high-quality water supplies, emphasizing the Bismarck project's role in fostering sustainable development.

In addition to the Bismarck project, the SWC approved $18.2 million for nine other water supply initiatives and $4.4 million for five flood protection and water management projects.

Since the start of the 2023-2025 funding cycle, the SWC has committed over $403 million to various water-related projects, aiding local sponsors in developing vital water resources.

The commission, chaired by Governor Doug Burgum and including Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring among its ten members, continues to support North Dakota’s water needs.

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