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Meet ND's new state climatologist

Meet ND's new state climatologist

By Scout Nelson

North Dakota State University has named Daryl Ritchison as the new state climatologist for North Dakota. Ritchison, who is also the director of NDSU’s North Dakota Agriculture Weather Network (NDAWN), has over 30 years of meteorological experience across the United States.

Ritchison's extensive career spans weather forecasting for various regional TV stations and deep involvement in weather and climate analysis.

Christina Hargiss, Director of the School of Natural Resource Sciences at NDSU, expressed excitement about the appointment. "Daryl’s unmatched expertise and dedication to NDAWN and our state’s climate concerns make him an excellent choice for this vital position," she remarked.

Greg Lardy, NDSU's Joe and Norma Peltier Vice President for Agriculture, also praised Ritchison's appointment. "Daryl’s comprehensive experience will greatly benefit North Dakota as he undertakes this crucial role," Lardy noted.

In his combined role as the director of NDAWN and state climatologist, Ritchison will continue to deliver essential insights into regional climate patterns and provide accurate weather forecasts. His expertise will be crucial in driving forward the understanding and management of climate-related issues in North Dakota.

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