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American climate corps launches with ambitious goals

American climate corps launches with ambitious goals

By Jamie Martin

Recently marked a significant milestone in the administration's climate strategy as the first members of the American Climate Corps were sworn in.

The program, established by executive action, seeks to tackle the climate crisis by integrating young Americans into the workforce through environmentally focused jobs. The inauguration was held virtually, with several hundred new members participating in ceremonies.

Special assistant for climate to the President, Maggie Thomas, expressed her enthusiasm about the program’s potential impact on the participants and the broader fight against climate change.

According to Thomas, the initiative provides a momentous opportunity for this generation to actively participate in shaping a sustainable future.

Despite facing criticism, particularly concerning its funding from Republican quarters, the program has set ambitious targets. By the end of its first year, it aims to hire 20,000 individuals, with 9,000 expected to be placed by the end of this month alone.

These roles vary from managing forests in the Pacific Northwest to deploying clean energy solutions across the Southwest and promoting sustainable farming practices throughout the Heartland.

Reflecting the spirit of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps, the American Climate Corps offers positions that not only aim to address urgent environmental issues but also to equip young Americans with valuable skills and experiences. The jobs, which are temporary and vary in duration, offer pay ranging from $11 to $28 an hour, depending on the location.

Ali Zaidi, Administration’s national climate adviser, highlighted that the program would provide invaluable experience and skills, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future.

As the Climate Corps grows, it continues to accept applications, promising a diverse range of opportunities in various federal and state initiatives.

Photo Credit: freepik-upklyak

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