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Favorable Weather Boosts Crop Planting Progress in North Dakota and Surrounding States
North Dakota Ag Connection - 05/24/2023

In the past week, farmers in North Dakota and neighboring states capitalized on favorable weather conditions to significantly advance their crop planting progress, making up for lost time caused by a cold and wet spring. The latest Crop Progress report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on May 22 revealed remarkable strides in various crops across the region.

Sugarbeet growers in North Dakota experienced a slow start, with only 1% of the crop planted by May 7, significantly below the typical progress of 44% by that time. However, within a week, they managed to reach 60%, slightly trailing the average of 64%. The May 22 report demonstrated the farmers' exceptional efforts, with 90% of sugarbeet planting completed, surpassing the average progress of 79% for the given date.

As for corn planting, North Dakota farmers have achieved 32% completion, compared to the average of 50%. Minnesota farmers are slightly ahead with 80%, just surpassing the average of 78%. South Dakota follows closely at 76%, outpacing the average progress of 63%. Meanwhile, Iowa farmers are nearing completion, having planted 95% of their corn compared to the average of 87%.

North Dakota farmers have made significant progress in soybean planting, with 2% planted in the previous week to 20% this week. Minnesota farmers have nearly reached the average, while Iowa farmers are leading the way with 84% planted and South Dakota with 56% planted.

Spring wheat planting in North Dakota is behind schedule, but Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana have made significant headway, with 95% of spring wheat planted exceeding the average of 90%.

Overall, farmers in North Dakota and surrounding states have efficiently utilized the pleasant weather conditions to narrow the planting gaps and even surpass the average progress in certain crops. These commendable efforts demonstrate their resilience and adaptability in mitigating the challenges posed by earlier adverse weather conditions.

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