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Dakota Valley Growers Receives Grant for Sustainable Beef Cattle Feeding Project
North Dakota Ag Connection - 06/07/2023

Dakota Valley Growers (DVG), a prominent cattle feeder, and Bion Environmental Technologies Inc. have announced a significant milestone in their collaborative efforts to develop a sustainable beef cattle feeding operation near Bathgate, North Dakota. DVG has been awarded a grant by North Dakota's Agricultural Products Utilization Commission (APUC) to cover essential initial project development costs.

The APUC has granted Dakota Valley Growers $128,500, which will cover 75% of the expenses associated with engineering, design, permitting, and legal work required for the DVG project. Engaging engineering teams, DVG and Bion have already commenced the design phase to support the forthcoming conditional use permit applications. These applications are expected to be submitted within the next two months, followed by a scheduled public hearing.

As a division of the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, the Ag Products Utilization Commission aims to stimulate job creation, industry growth, and the development of new agricultural outlets within the state. Expanding the capacity of Dakota Valley Growers will not only lead to a significant rise in local demand for grains and agricultural residues but also create a market for local feeder calves and establish a reputation for innovation and sustainable beef production in North Dakota.

The DVG project benefits North Dakota's agriculture sector by utilizing local, low-carbon, and organic nitrogen fertilizers, and generating renewable energy through biogas and solar electric production. The partnership with Dakota Valley Growers and Bion aims to attract grants, incentives, and resources for sustainable beef, fertilizers, and energy production.

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