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Farmers Cooperative Talks Drought, Impact of Recent Rain
North Dakota Ag Connection - 06/06/2023

It has been problematic from east to west and north to south, as all 93 Nebraska counties have been in some form of drought to start the summer.

Last week, several Southeast Nebraska counties were added to the “exceptional drought” category, leaving area farmers praying for rain. Over the weekend, that rain did come, but was it enough and did it come in the right form? Gary Lytle, Location Manager of the Plymouth Framers Cooperative, explains.

“Last year, you had a pretty good build up in soil profile, but this year, you don’t have that soil profile, there just isn’t that water going into the ground,” Lytle said. “If you don’t have that soil profile, you’re really dependent on that rain keeping that soil alive.”

Often times, farmers may not want heavy doses of rain that come up in a short time, rather hoping for constant, consistent showers. This past weekend, several areas of Southeast Nebraska saw several inches of rain in just a matter of hours. Lytle says, the drought this year has been so severe, that they’ll take rain in any form, as long as it doesn’t include hail.

“I think I speak for everyone when I say, whether it’s a hard quick rain or any type of rain, everyone’s on board with rain, anyway it comes,” Lytle said. “Long as it doesn’t come as a hard type with hail.”


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