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Rural N.D. to Benefits from Water, Wastewater Improvements
North Dakota Ag Connection - 12/05/2018

Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett Tuesday announced that USDA is investing $1.2 billion to help rebuild and improve rural water infrastructure for 936,000 rural Americans living in 46 states. Seven projects in South Dakota are receiving funding.

"Access to water is a key driver for economic opportunity and quality of life in rural communities," Hazlett said. "Under the leadership of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, USDA is committed to being a strong partner to rural communities in building prosperity through modern water infrastructure."

USDA is providing financing for 234 water and environmental infrastructure projects through the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant program. The funding can be used for drinking water, stormwater drainage and waste disposal systems for rural communities with 10,000 or fewer residents.

Eligible communities and water districts can apply online on the interactive RD Apply tool, or they can apply through one of USDA Rural Development's state or field offices.

Below are examples of the investments USDA is making in North Dakota:

- WEB Water Development Association, Inc. will use a $35,492,000 loan and a $5,901,000 grant to make improvements to the water system. WEB Water will parallel a water line along their main trunk line, construct an additional storage tank along the main trunk line, and parallel or add water lines, and make booster station upgrades throughout various low-capacity locations within their current service area. These system improvements will alleviate capacity issues currently plaguing the system. It will also create operating efficiencies and provide a reliable and viable water distribution system throughout north-central and northeast South Dakota and south-central North Dakota. The federal funds will be leveraged with local funds to complete enhancements and provide an efficient and reliable water system for more than 41,000 rural residents served by WEB throughout 17 counties in North and South Dakota.

- City of New Rockford -- $4.526 million grant, $4.734 million loan -- The funds will be used to replace water mains, paint the water tower and improve the water treatment plant and storm water infrastructure.

- City of Langdon -- $2.169 million grant, $2.731 million loan -- The funds will be used to update and build new water and sanitary sewer main infrastructure, helping to reduce operating costs.

- City of New Salem -- $1.613 million grant, $2.084 million loan -- The funds will be used to replace water and sewer pipes as well as re-surface roads once the pipe replacement is complete.

- City of Dodge -- $896,507 grant, $300,000 loan -- The funds will be used to support efforts to stabilize and improve the wastewater ponds originally constructed over 60 years ago, making currently inoperable parts of the system functional.

- City of Mercer -- $221,800 grant, $287,000 loan -- The funds will be used to construct a new lift station and repair sewer lines, helping to address a health and sanitary issue identified by the North Dakota Department of Health.

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