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Unlock agronomy secrets at Dickinson field day

Unlock agronomy secrets at Dickinson field day

By Scout Nelson

On July 9, 2024, from 8 am to 12 pm MDT, the Dickinson Research Extension Center (REC) will host its annual Agronomy Field Day at 1041 State Avenue, Dickinson, ND. This event promises a morning filled with valuable agricultural insights and networking opportunities.

The day kicks off with a meet and greet from 8 to 9 am, complete with coffee and donuts, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect. Following this, guided tours and presentations by leading experts will commence at 9 am.

These sessions are designed to address key challenges and opportunities in modern agriculture:

  • Herbicide-resistant Kochia Management – Dr. Joe Ikley will discuss strategies to combat this growing issue.
  • Soil Acidity and Lime Requirements – Dr. Chris Augustin will explain how to determine the lime needed for soil health.
  • Opportunities with Semi-arid Cover Crops – Dr. Lindsay Malone will explore the benefits of cover crops in semi-arid environments.
  • Phosphorus Management in Soybeans – Dayne Tallier will provide guidance on optimizing phosphorus usage for soybean crops.
  • Noxious Weed Management Using Drones – Josh Dipippo will showcase how drone technology can be employed to manage invasive species.
  • Sulfur Needs for West River Agriculture – Dr. Krishna Katuwal will discuss the sulfur requirements specific to West River regions.
  • North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network Demonstration – Cassidy Hoth will demonstrate how this network can aid in agricultural planning and operations.

For those interested in attending or seeking more information, please contact Chris Augustin at or call 701-456-1103. This field day is an essential event for anyone involved in the agricultural sector, providing insights that can lead to more effective and sustainable practices.

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