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Senate Ag hearing set at grand farm

Senate Ag hearing set at grand farm

By Scout Nelson

Senator John Hoeven has announced plans to conduct a field hearing of the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee at the Grand Farm Innovation Campus this summer. The hearing aims to showcase the importance of Grand Farm in advancing precision agriculture technologies and fostering significant agricultural research collaborations.

The event will take place at the Grand Farm Innovation Campus, a location that exemplifies North Dakota's leadership in precision agriculture. The hearing highlights the importance of agricultural research partnerships Senator Hoeven has championed. These partnerships aim to strengthen the competitive advantage of local producers and contribute to the nation's food security.

Impactful Partnerships and Funding:

  • Federal and Local Collaboration: The event will underscore collaborations like the Grand Farm partnership with North Dakota State University (NDSU) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS), which has already received $4 million in funding.
  • Significant Research Initiatives: Over $50 million in Fiscal Year 2024 funds have been allocated for agricultural research across North Dakota.
  • Broad-Scale Projects: The FARMS partnership led by NDSU, potentially funded up to $160 million over ten years, is part of this initiative, involving multiple stakeholders including local chambers and economic development groups.
  • New Research Facilities: Hoeven is also leading the establishment of a new agriculture policy research center at NDSU, with an initial funding of $2 million for FY2024.

This announcement was made during the grand opening of Grand Farm’s Innovation Shop, the first completed facility on the research and development campus.

This venue is designed to support collaboration among producers, industry professionals, and researchers, further advancing the next generation of precision agriculture technologies.

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