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Boosting soil health with new NDSU specialist

Boosting soil health with new NDSU specialist

By Scout Nelson

North Dakota State University Extension welcomes Chandler Gruener as the new soil health specialist at the North Central Research Extension Center in Minot, starting his role on May 20. Gruener's appointment marks a significant step towards enhancing soil health across various farming systems in North Dakota.

Originally from Rolla, Missouri, Chandler Gruener has a solid educational foundation in plant science, holding degrees from the University of Missouri and the University of Arkansas. He is set to complete his doctorate in crop and soil sciences from the University of Georgia later this summer.

His academic journey is complemented by practical experience gained through extensive research in soil fertility and health, particularly focusing on no-till and cover cropping strategies in diverse agricultural settings.

In his new role, Gruener will collaborate closely with NDSU Extension agents and specialists to foster soil health improvements. He will also engage with industry partners and various agricultural stakeholders to deliver educational programs on soil health management.

“A top priority for me is to help farmers and ranchers create innovate cropping and grazing systems that reach the goals they have for their operation while improving the soil we rely on,” Gruener says. His approach will involve integrating innovative agricultural practices that are tailored to the specific needs of North Dakota’s farmers and enhance the sustainability of their lands.

Shana Forster, director of the North Central Research Extension Center and Extension district director, highlighted Gruener's commitment to soil health. “Chandler has a passion for soil health and has conducted research and outreach efforts in various cropping systems and agricultural regions of the U.S,” Forster notes.

Through his collaborative efforts, Gruener aims to address soil-related challenges and contribute significantly to the agricultural productivity of the region.

Chandler Gruener's expertise and proactive approach are set to bring a new dimension to agricultural practices in North Dakota, focusing on sustainable and productive farming through enhanced soil health.

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