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Rural North Dakota embraces mail voting

Rural North Dakota embraces mail voting

By Scout Nelson

In North Dakota, especially in its rural counties, voting by mail is a preferred method among residents. With the June 11 primary just around the corner, voters are encouraged to submit their absentee or mail ballots soon. This method is particularly popular in areas like Sheridan County, where Shirley Murray, the local auditor, reports that about 70% of voters opt for mail-in ballots.

Despite ongoing national debates and some efforts to restrict mail voting, local residents appreciate the convenience it offers. This sentiment is echoed in states where similar discussions are influencing voting policies. National GOP leaders, amidst these controversies, have been urging their voters to embrace early voting opportunities, including mail voting, although the party remains engaged in related legal disputes.

In Sheridan County, which has a population of about 1,200, the convenience of mail voting is clear. Murray highlighted the added ease of a drop box located at city hall, where voters can easily drop off their ballots. This option proves especially helpful for those living in remote areas who might not frequently travel to town.

As per the Secretary of State's website, nearly 34,000 absentee and mail ballots were distributed for the upcoming primary, with almost 12,000 already returned. This high rate of mail ballot usage underscores the method's importance in ensuring all residents can participate in the electoral process, regardless of their location within the state.

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