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NDFB foundation awards $15,000 in student scholarships

NDFB foundation awards $15,000 in student scholarships

By Scout Nelson

The NDFB Promotion and Education Committee recently announced that fifteen individuals have been selected to receive $1,000 scholarships, funded through the NDFB Foundation. This financial support stems from a live auction held during the NDFB Annual Meeting each November, where auction items are generously donated by county Farm Bureaus and volunteers.

Joey Bailey, NDFB Director of Organizational Development, emphasized the importance of these scholarships: "These scholarships reflect our commitment to the educational futures of our students and are made possible by the remarkable support from our county Farm Bureaus and dedicated volunteers."

The scholarships are categorized into several distinct awards. The Becki Palmer Scholarship, named in honor of an NDFB employee who passed away from cancer in 2006, supports high school seniors. This year’s recipients are Teagan Erbele, Lilly Solemsaas, Grace Olin, Luke Martinson, and Jacob Dufner.

The NDFB Agriculture Scholarship aids an undergraduate student who has completed or is completing their freshman year and is majoring in agriculture. This year, Emily Fannik, Evan Knoll, and John Kaldor were honored with this scholarship.

The NDFB Family Membership Scholarship is designated for current Farm Bureau members or their family members who have completed or will soon complete their freshman year of college. Ty MacDonald, Teagan Olson, Olivia Throener, and Madison Knoke received this award.

Lastly, the Future of Agriculture Scholarship supports high school seniors enrolled in an agricultural college program. Dillon Bowman, Evan Olson, and Kara Siemieniewski are this year’s beneficiaries.

These scholarships are an essential component of NDFB’s mission to foster the education and development of North Dakota’s future agricultural leaders.

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