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ND dairy gets boost - mega farms planned

ND dairy gets boost - mega farms planned

By Scout Nelson

Two giant dairy farms are planned for eastern North Dakota, promising a big boost to the state's struggling dairy industry. These mega-dairies would house tens of thousands of cows and create new jobs, but also raise concerns about environmental impact and corporate control.

The farms, proposed by Minnesota-based Riverview Dairy, would be in Traill and Richland counties. Together, they would more than quadruple the number of dairy cows in North Dakota. The project has supporters who see new jobs and economic growth.

One neighbor, who initially opposed the project due to land use, is now interested in supplying feed and buying manure from the dairy. Others are concerned about potential odor from the large number of animals.

The project hinges on finding a market for the milk produced. North Dakota's dairy industry has shrunk considerably in recent years, with many farmers forced to send milk further away for processing at lower prices.

Lawmakers recently eased restrictions on corporate ownership of livestock operations, paving the way for these mega-dairies. Some see this as a positive step to attract investment, while others worry about the impact on small family farms.

The state is also looking to improve infrastructure around the proposed dairy sites, potentially using funds for agribusiness development. Regulators will need to ensure proper environmental oversight of these large-scale operations.

These mega-dairies could provide a much needed shot in the arm for North Dakota's dairy industry. However, questions remain about the environmental impact, the fate of small farms, and the long-term viability of the project.

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