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Free webinar on goats battle buckthorn

Free webinar on goats battle buckthorn

By Scout Nelson

North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension and University of Minnesota (UMN) Extension, in collaboration with the Minnesota Sustainable Farming Association, are hosting a webinar focused on managing the invasive species Buckthorn.

Scheduled for May 30th from 7:30 to 8:30 pm CDT, this session will cover effective strategies like goat browsing and other control methods.

Sabrina Florentino, UMN Extension's Alternative Livestock Systems educator, highlights the growing popularity of using goats, particularly as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical and mechanical Buckthorn eradication methods.

Dr. Tiffany Wolf, an assistant professor at UMN, further elaborates on the advantages of goat browsing, such as enabling control in areas unsuitable for machinery and reducing herbicide use.

The webinar will address the challenges posed by common Buckthorn, which dominates woodlands and urban areas in the Midwest, as pointed out by Sara Nelson, a Natural Resources Specialist. Following removal, Dr. Mike Schuster, a researcher at UMN, suggests planting dense native vegetation to prevent Buckthorn reestablishment.

Experts including Sara Nelson, Dr. Tiffany Wolf, and Dr. Mike Schuster will share their insights and research findings on this topic. Their expertise aims to equip goat producers and landowners with the knowledge to implement effective Buckthorn control strategies.

Pre-registration for the webinar is necessary and can be completed at Participants will receive a Zoom link upon registration, and a recording will be available for those unable to attend the live session.

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