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$850K boost for ND agriculture projects

$850K boost for ND agriculture projects

By Scout Nelson

The Agriculture Diversification and Development (ADD) Fund, operated by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, recently approved $850,000 in awards for seven innovative projects.

The funding was announced during the ADD's quarterly meeting on May 29 in Fargo, emphasizing the state's commitment to enhancing the agriculture sector.

The ADD Fund supports new or expanding businesses in value-added agriculture that show potential for financial success, profitability, job creation, and economic growth within North Dakota.

Eligible projects include agriculture product manufacturing, animal production, commodity processing, and both food production and processing facilities. Feed or pet food processing projects may also qualify.

Here are the projects and their awards:

  • Gross Cattle Company, LLC: Received $50,000 for constructing a large-scale beef enterprise. Contact person is Donovan Gross.
  • Proof Artisan Distillers, LLC: Benefited from a $100,000 grant to expand their production line with new equipment. The contact person is Joel Kath.
  • Campbell, Inc.: Awarded $50,000 to improve efficiency and safety with automated packaging equipment. Contact person is Greg Campbell.
  • Four Star Ag: Granted $200,000 for enhancing sorting and packaging processes with automation. Contact person is Barry Vculek.
  • Lone Wolf Farms: Got $50,000 for advanced equipment in computer controls and refrigeration to improve product quality. Contact person is Christopher Bjorneby.
  • Central Valley Bean Cooperative: Allocated $250,000 for automated bagging and palletizing equipment. Contact person is Daniel Fuglesten.

The next opportunity for funding will be at ADD’s grant application hearing scheduled for July 31 to August 1, 2024, in Medora, with applications due by July 1, 2024. This continuous support underscores the state’s promote to foster a growing, technology-forward agricultural environment.

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