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2024 North Dakota weed control forum - agenda and highlights
North Dakota Ag Connection - 11/30/2023

On January 3, 2024, North Dakota's weed control officials will gather for a crucial meeting at the Bismarck Hotel and Conference Center. The Agriculture Commissioner's Noxious Weed Forum, starting at 9:30 a.m., promises an in-depth exploration of current weed control challenges and strategies.

The forum will open with Deputy Agriculture Commissioner Tom Bodine presenting the Commissioner’s Partner Award. Following this, Richard Weisz from the ND Department of Agriculture will provide an update on noxious weeds.

Mike McHugh from the ND Aeronautics Commission will then discuss the Commission's role as a regulatory agency. This will be an essential talk for understanding the regulatory landscape in North Dakota.

Zack Bateson from the National Agricultural Genotyping Center will highlight how genetic testing aids in the surveillance of North Dakota weed populations. This presentation is expected to shed light on innovative approaches to weed management.

Before the lunch break, Aubrey Sondrol from the ND Department of Agriculture will cover important aspects of Pesticide Outreach & Education, a topic crucial for safe and effective weed control practices.

Post-lunch sessions will begin with Dutch Bialke from the ND Department of Agriculture discussing law reviews, focusing on authority, local enforcement, and amendments in weed listing processes.

Annique Lockard from the Attorney General’s Office will then speak about open records and open meetings, providing insights into transparency and public engagement in agricultural regulations.

The forum will conclude with John Mortenson from the ND Department of Agriculture giving an update on biological control methods, a key area in sustainable weed management.

This forum is a significant event for those involved in agriculture and weed control in North Dakota, offering insights into current practices and future directions in the field.

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