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State fair requires dairy health checks

State fair requires dairy health checks

By Scout Nelson

The State Board of Animal Health has mandated HPAI testing for lactating dairy cattle attending the North Dakota State Fair, which must be conducted within 10 days of their arrival.

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring highlighted the urgency of this requirement, stating, “Since late March, several states have had detections of highly pathogenic avian influenza in dairy cows. Although North Dakota has not had any detections yet, the testing will help to minimize the potential for illness to spread.”

State Veterinarian Dr. Ethan Andress outlined the process for cattle owners, saying, “Owners of lactating dairy cattle who are planning to bring their animals to the State Fair should contact their veterinarian, who will collect a sample.”

He reassured that all expenses for the veterinarian, shipping, and lab testing by North Dakota State University would be reimbursed by the federal government.

Fair and exhibition leaders are encouraged to consult the USDA-APHIS fair guidance on biosecurity, which stresses the development of protocols to curb the spread of HPAI and other zoonotic diseases. This guidance can be found here.

This order aligns with the federal mandate issued on April 24, 2024, which already requires that lactating dairy animals used for exhibition must be tested when crossing state borders, ensuring a uniform approach to disease prevention at significant agricultural events.

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