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North Dakota mental health awareness

North Dakota mental health awareness

By Scout Nelson

North Dakota Health and Human Services (HHS) has designated May as Mental Health Awareness Month, with a focus on emphasizing the significance of mental health and providing valuable resources to assist North Dakotans in enhancing their overall well-being.

Statistics reveal that approximately one in four adults in North Dakota, along with more than one in three high school students, have encountered mental health issues within the past year. This underscores the importance of increasing awareness and support for mental health challenges within the state.

To address these needs, HHS's Behavioral Health Division offers actionable strategies aimed at bolstering mental well-being. These strategies include encouraging individuals to practice gratitude, engage in volunteering activities, perform random acts of kindness, practice mindfulness techniques, and seek assistance when necessary.

Residents of North Dakota can access critical crisis support and resources through the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, which operates 24/7 and provides assistance via calls, texts, or online chats. HHS has launched a Mental Health Program Directory, enabling individuals to easily connect with mental health services based on location, specialty, and treatment options.

HHS facilitates access to various treatment options through its eight regional human service centers. These centers offer community-based behavioral health treatment services, walk-in assessments, crisis services, and referral services, ensuring that individuals receive the support they need to address mental health concerns.

The Behavioral Health Division is responsible for assessing and addressing North Dakota's behavioral health system's needs, ensuring quality services focusing on health and safety, and aligning with HHS's strategic goal of promoting stable, healthy families and communities throughout the state.

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