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North Dakota crops show positive picture for 2024

North Dakota crops show positive picture for 2024

By Scout Nelson

The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service has released its latest findings for North Dakota, noting a productive week with four suitable days for fieldwork ending May 26, 2024. The state's agriculture is experiencing a robust start to the season, with several crops showing improved planting and emergence rates over past averages.

Topsoil and subsoil moisture levels are mostly adequate to surplus, creating favorable conditions for crop development. Specifically, topsoil moisture is reported as 77% adequate and 15% surplus, with subsoil moisture at 82% adequate and 8% surplus. These conditions have contributed to the healthy progress of various crops.

In the field crops report, soybeans have seen a significant advancement with 52% planted, outpacing both the previous year and the five-year average. Similarly, spring wheat has reached 84% planted, far ahead of last year's 70% and the average of 73%. Corn and canola are also ahead of schedule, with planting rates surpassing last year's figures.

The condition of winter wheat is overwhelmingly positive, with 66% rated good and 2% excellent. Sugarbeets are particularly thriving, with 90% rated excellent. Other crops like oats and barley also report strong conditions and better-than-average planting progress.

The report also covers specialty crops such as sunflowers, flaxseed, potatoes, and dry edible beans, noting that most are ahead or near their planting averages. For example, potatoes planted reached 79%, significantly higher than last year's 70%.

Pasture and range conditions are also favorable, with 59% rated good and 9% excellent, supporting livestock health and grazing potential. Stock water supplies remain largely adequate, with 84% meeting needs, ensuring sufficient hydration for livestock.

Photo Credit -usda

North Dakota crop progress surges ahead North Dakota crop progress surges ahead
Molly Holt joins NDFB as southwest field representative Molly Holt joins NDFB as southwest field representative

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