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North Dakota boosts pork production

North Dakota boosts pork production

By Scout Nelson

In a significant shift to expand its agricultural scope, North Dakota has introduced policies over a year ago aimed at promoting the growth of animal agriculture, particularly in pork production.

Amber Wood, executive director of the North Dakota Livestock Alliance, shared insights on the remarkable progress within the state's farming community.

"Seeing the next generation of North Dakota farmers embracing a new industry is truly exciting," Wood remarked. She noted the enthusiasm among beef producers diversifying into pig farming and individuals new to livestock eager to enter swine production.

This development reflects a vibrant evolution in the state's agricultural landscape.

During the World Pork Expo, Wood engaged with swine integrators to further promote North Dakota as a burgeoning hub for pork production. She emphasized the dual benefits of swine farming, highlighting the economic opportunities and agricultural advantages, such as the high value of swine manure in enhancing crop fertility.

The enthusiasm for expanding pork production in North Dakota underscores a dynamic shift towards diversification and sustainability in farming practices, promising a strong future for the state's agricultural sector.

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