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ND Ag research - Williston field days

ND Ag research - Williston field days

By Scout Nelson

North Dakota State University's Williston Research Extension Center (WREC) is hosting its annual field days on July 10th and 11th. This event provides a valuable opportunity for producers to learn about the latest research advancements in agronomy and horticulture.

July 10th Highlights:

Stop the Bleed Training: This free training session equips attendees with skills to address bleeding emergencies. Pre-registration is required at or by calling 701-774-4315.

Dryland Crops Tour: Starting at 4 pm, attendees can explore various research plots and hear presentations on topics like:

  • Maintaining grain quality through research-based practices.
  • New technologies for no-till planting.
  • Promising oilseed options for the MonDak region (Montana and North Dakota).
  • Utilizing intercropping strategies to boost productivity.
  • Exploring NDSU's advanced varieties tailored for the region.
  • Effective weed control strategies for common threats like kochia.
  • Utilizing cover crops to protect soil health and optimize resource management.
  • Understanding the impact of changing soil conditions and developing effective management responses.
  • Recommendations for lime application in challenging fields.

Horticulture Program: Held concurrently, this program caters to those interested in flowers, gardening, and fruit/vegetable production.

Free Dinner: A complimentary steak and lamb dinner concludes the day's events.

July 11th - Irrigation Field Day:

This day focuses on irrigated crops and research at the Nesson Valley Irrigation Research and Development Farm, located 23 miles east of Williston.

Tour and Topics: Explore variety trials, intercropping strategies, small grain diseases, weed control strategies for resistant weeds in the region, research updates, soybean variety trials focusing on drought resistance, farm technology updates, and information on flax and canola production.

Registration and Lunch: Sign up starts at 8:30 am, followed by the tour at 9 am. A complimentary lunch sponsored by Agri-Industries concludes the event.


  • The Williston Research Extension Center is situated 4.5 miles west of Williston on U.S. Highway 2.

This comprehensive field day program offers valuable insights and innovations to help producers optimize their agricultural practices and make informed decisions.

Photo Credit: north-dakota-state-university

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