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2024 North Dakota Crop Progress and Conditions

2024 North Dakota Crop Progress and Conditions

By Scout Nelson

The latest report from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service highlights a productive week for North Dakota's farmers, with 5.5 days suitable for fieldwork. Soil moisture levels are mostly adequate, supporting healthy crop growth.

Soil Moisture Levels:

  • Topsoil moisture: 3% very short, 10% short, 77% adequate, 10% surplus
  • Subsoil moisture: 3% very short, 13% short, 77% adequate, 7% surplus

Crop Conditions and Progress:

  • Soybeans: 93% planted, with 72% emerged. Condition is mostly good to excellent.
  • Spring Wheat: 94% emerged and 39% jointed, with conditions largely good.
  • Durum Wheat: Nearly fully planted at 99%, with 90% emerged and 10% jointed.
  • Winter Wheat: Advanced with 96% jointed and 35% headed, showing mainly good conditions.
  • Corn: 98% planted and 88% emerged, mostly in good condition.
  • Canola: With 98% planted and 83% emerged, the crop is mainly in good condition.
  • Sugarbeet: Stands out with 83% rated excellent.
  • Oats: 90% emerged and 31% jointed, mostly in good condition.
  • Barley: 90% emerged and 28% jointed, with good overall health.
  • Dry Edible Peas: 85% emerged with conditions mostly good to excellent.
  • Sunflowers: 89% planted, with 51% emerged.
  • Flaxseed: 93% planted, 69% emerged.
  • Potatoes: Showing strong progress with 83% emerged and a good overall condition.
  • Dry Edible Beans: 93% planted, 51% emerged.
  • Alfalfa: First cutting at 21%, with mostly good conditions.

Pasture and Range Report:

  • Pasture conditions are good to excellent with adequate stock water supplies.

This report reflects the ongoing commitment of the USDA and NASS to provide timely and accurate agricultural statistics to support U.S. farmers.

Photo Credit -gettyimages-brzozowska

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