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New Tech Could Generate Freshwater from Fracking Waste
North Dakota Ag Connection - 12/03/2018

Agua Dulce Technologies, LLC, a privately funded and owned corporation based in Littleton, Colo., is building a 16,500 square foot facility in Denver to host a wastewater purification plant and will receive feedstock from Wastewater Disposal Facilities, which could generate thousands of gallons of freshwater per day from fracking and other wastewater.

Using our membrane pervaporation technology, multiple ceramic tubes with high surface areas separate freshwater from mineral salts using moderately low temperature and pressure. The energy is provided by natural gas from oil shale resources while low pressure in the membrane modules is maintained by low-cost and innovative devices. Also, Agua Dulce Technologies will install a pre-treatment technology to recover residual crude oil from wastewater and remove solid debris from the feedstock prior to our water purification process.

Our pervaporation process, powered by natural gas from oil wells, is expected to lower or eliminate flaring and prevent injection of wastewater in the sub-surfaces by recycling freshwater and crystallizing most of the mineral salts on site.

We engaged QP Engineers at Samuel Engineering in Denver during the pilot results. After completion of a successful pilot program we engaged Process Engineering Associates from Alabama and Utah to complete the basic engineering design, pipe-sizing and instrumentation diagrams for both pretreatment and pervaporation processes. Upon delivery of the engineering design reports, we've engaged Tetra Tech in Utah to complete the feasibility and engineering design of the plant.

Dr. Henry Kasaini, president and CEO of Agua Dulce Technologies and inventor of the technology, said, "We're thrilled to acquire the exclusive license to wastewater treatment technology from US Metals Refining Group and look forward to creating strategic partnerships with Oil and Gas operators in the US and other disposal companies to debottleneck the fracking process by recycling freshwater, minimizing or eliminating wastewater injection into the subsurface rock formations, and to significantly reduce flaring."

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