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Farm first-aid kit training at NDSU extension

Farm first-aid kit training at NDSU extension

By Scout Nelson

Injuries on the farm require immediate attention and care, often before professional help can arrive. Recognizing the critical need for on-farm emergency preparedness, North Dakota State University Extension (NDSU Extension) is hosting a farm first-aid kit training session for farmers, their families, and employees.

Katelyn Landeis, an Extension agent in Grand Forks County, emphasizes the importance of understanding how to manage traumatic injuries effectively on the farm: "If a traumatic injury occurs on the farm, such as an amputation or serious burn, understanding how to effectively manage traumatic injuries on the farm can mean the difference between life and death. "

For the second consecutive year, Landeis has collaborated with Angie Johnson, NDSU Extension farm and ranch safety coordinator, to develop a hands-on program aimed at empowering farmers with the knowledge and skills to handle on-farm emergencies.

The session, scheduled during the International Crop Expo, will give participants the opportunity to build their own farm first-aid kits and practice using the essential items contained within.

The workshop, set to take place on February 22 at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, will feature several stations led by NDSU Extension experts and healthcare providers. Topics covered include:

  • Stop the Bleed mini session - Altru Health Ambulance Team
  • Treating burns on the farm - Altru Health Ambulance Team
  • Slips, trips, and falls; how to use a splint - Altru Health Ambulance Team
  • Handling amputated body parts - NDSU Extension

"At the completion of this program, participants will receive a complete farm first-aid kit they can place in the tractor or farm shop – a location everyone knows, so they can find the kit in a time of need," Landeis explains.

Grand Forks County Farm Bureau has been instrumental in supporting the initiative, offering financial assistance to build farm first-aid kits for local farm operations.

Jennifer Kohl-Fichtner, the Board president of Grand Forks County Farm Bureau, emphasizes the significance of education and awareness in responding to on-farm injuries. She believes in collaborating with NDSU Extension and farmers to educate them on the contents of first-aid kits and how to effectively use them.

Participants will not only leave the workshop equipped with essential first-aid knowledge but also with their own farm first-aid kits, ensuring they are prepared to handle emergencies on the farm effectively.

To find the full schedule of events during the International Crop Expo, visit

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