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North Dakota witnesses steady crop progress
North Dakota Ag Connection - 09/26/2023

In the agricultural sphere of North Dakota, the week ending September 24, 2023, brought forward significant insights. A report from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service showed that the state had 4.3 suitable days for fieldwork.

The moisture levels in both topsoil and subsoil were mostly adequate, proving beneficial for the various crops cultivated in the region.

Diving into specifics, the report detailed the conditions of a myriad of crops. The soybeans showcased considerable progress, with 85% dropping leaves, and 10% already harvested. This indicated a pace ahead of last year’s figures and near the five-year average.

In the wheat category, spring wheat, durum wheat, and winter wheat demonstrated varying degrees of progress, with winter wheat planting trailing behind the previous year.

Corn and canola followed suit, with the former showing promising signs of maturity and the latter near completion of harvesting. Sugarbeets and sunflowers were not far behind, presenting good conditions and steady progress in harvesting stages.

Other crops such as flaxseed and dry edible beans indicated varying progression. Particularly, dry edible beans recorded an impressive 99% dropping leaves and 61% harvested, surpassing last year’s performance.

Potatoes experienced a significant leap with 97% of vines dry and 59% harvested, demonstrating advancement compared to last year and the average.

Lastly, the pasture and range conditions along with stock water supplies were mostly rated adequate to excellent, showcasing the overall favorable agricultural conditions in North Dakota.

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