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Additional Help to Prevent Blackbird Damage in Sunflower
North Dakota Ag Connection - 05/14/2018

The National Sunflower Association, with the help of North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven and Rep. Kevin Cramer, was able to get more money to help North Dakota sunflower producers experiencing blackbird damage this fall.

A plan was created by USDA APHISWildlife Services (WS) on how to use this money in the most effective way to help sunflower producers.

There will be additional "Boots on the Ground" to utilize multiple harassment techniques, more propane cannons will be added with timers to be loaned to producers needing assistance, WS has also developed a "cannon plate" to use in conjunction with a T-post to get the propane cannon off the ground for better sound resonance and to prevent rodent damage. WS will distribute one of these plates free of charge per producer to provide them a template to build more of their own propane cannon plates.

WS will also be able to distribute substantially more "screamer" pyrotechnics with launchers to producers.

Lastly, WS staff will experiment using UAS'sas a tool to deter birds from foraging in sunflowers.Help will be available from August through November, the Sunflower Association reported.

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