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Updated SARE State Summaries and Grants Lists Available
- 04/13/2018

Since 1988, the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program has been a go-to USDA grants and outreach program for farmers, ranchers, researchers and educators who develop innovations that improve farm profitability, protect water and land, and revitalize communities. SARE has awarded over $251 million to more than 6,300 projects. Learn more about funded grants, project highlights and a breakdown of funding in your state using our newly updated portfolio summaries and grant lists.

Highlights include:

- Using a SARE On-Farm Research grant, Clemson University fruit specialist Juan Carlos Melgar and other researchers found that bagging peaches between petal fall and harvest reduced pesticide use while increasing yields and maintaining flavor.

- A team of horticulture specialists led by the University of Idaho's Stephen Love used a SARE Producer and Professional grant to collaborate with three experienced growers to evaluate high tunnel designs and the profitability of growing various crops to increase locally produced food and to extend the growing season.

- Michigan researcher Jason Rowntree received a SARE Research and Education grant to source more local food in the Traverse City area by connecting area beef producers, processors, distributors and retailers.

- In New Jersey, Cooperative Extension specialist Brian Schilling used a SARE Professional Development Program grant to develop an agritourism curriculum. Its aim? To equip farm service providers with knowledge, skills and tools to help farmers minimize liability associated with farm visits, mitigate financial risk and improve marketing strategies.

Download the updated grants lists and portfolio summaries, and find links to state webpages at

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