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AVMA Praises Farm Bill That Considers Veterinary Priorities
USAgNet - 04/17/2018

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) President Dr. Michael Topper released the following statement on today's introduction of the Farm Bill by the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture.

AVMA is encouraged by the committee taking this first step in the farm bill legislative process, and we applaud the inclusion of veterinary priorities. The bill's new authorizations and partial funding for a three-pronged approach to animal pest and disease prevention, detection, and rapid response is a great step forward towards a robust defense against future outbreaks. We appreciate the committee's work and are also pleased with the bill's reauthorization of programs that advance animal health and welfare through important research and data gathering.

We are continuing to analyze the bill and look forward to working with Congress to ensure these new programs are permanent and to protect veterinary priorities such as providing rural farmers with access to veterinary medicine. We're eager to aid both chambers of Congress in their timely passage of an effective and proactive Farm Bill.

The AVMA is the nation's leading representative of the veterinary profession, speaking for more than 91,000 member veterinarians across the United States who care passionately about protecting animal health, animal welfare and human health. Informed by its members' unique scientific training and knowledge, the AVMA advocates for policies that advance the practice of veterinary medicine and support the crucial work of veterinarians nationwide.

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