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RFA Seeks Certainty in EPA Treatment of Flex Fuel Vehicles
USAgNet - 10/27/2020

In comments submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding emissions standard compliance calculations for Flex Fuel vehicles, the Renewable Fuels Association supported the EPA's new approach to maintaining some level of certainty for automakers in the absence of future guidance. At the same time, however, RFA called on the agency to provide a long-term floor and "more robust" E85 usage factors for future model years, given expected growth and the many benefits provided by ethanol flex fuels.

"Based on our discussion with automakers, it is clear that manufacturers will hesitate to invest in certain technologies, like FFVs, unless there is some assurance that those vehicles technologies will help enable CAFE and GHG standard compliance over multiple model years," wrote Kelly Davis, RFA Vice President for Regulatory Affairs.

"Fuel blenders and retailers also need multi-year certainty regarding the likely mix of light-duty vehicles so that they may appropriately direct their investments in wholesale and retail fuel infrastructure," said Davis.

Davis noted that restoring a more meaningful E85 usage factor for FFV production can help to level the CAFE/GHG playing field that currently favors battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, fuel cell and compressed natural gas vehicles.

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