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Mexico Enacts Law Law Requiring Leveling on Pre-Packaged Foods
USAgNet - 10/19/2020

Earlier this month, Mexico modified its Foreign Trade Law Agreement to comply with its new Front-of-Package Labeling law that went into effect on Oct. 1.

The modifications require shipments of prepackaged food products previously exempted from labeling to immediately comply with the new labeling law by removing exemptions for: imported goods that would not be sold to the public in the form in which they were imported; imported goods to be used directly by a company not subject to commercialization; products destined to remain in the border area or regions of Mexico; and products imported by those who carry out marketing activities and provide restaurant assistance.

Prepackaged products within those categories--including foodservice products--must now comply with the new labeling standard. The U.S. exports processed pork to Mexico, which will now need to comply with this law, adding incremental costs and potentially reducing Mexican consumption of U.S.-processed pork.

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